Seminar Theatre Agenda

Mortgage Showcase Midlands

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Our seminar theatre content is carefully crafted to bring you the latest information on a range of topics that are critical either for your client advice or generally to support your market understanding, to enable you to offer the latest thinking across the market in client/adviser conversations.

We look for broad representation under all topics, so you can hear a range of views from some of our sectors leading spokespeople.

Our speakers are in the process pf being confirmed for this region but the following offers a broad overview of what to expect on the day.

8.45 - 9.30 AM

Breakfast Expo area and networking


9.30 – 9.35 AM

Welcome and Opening Remarks.


9.35 – 10.00 AM

Economic Update and its effects on the housing markets

Chris Hare, Economist, HSBC


10.00 – 10.30 AM

The economy and how that’s impacting the housing markets.  A panel debate

Luke Chistodoludies, National Account Manager, NatWest
Andrew Calder, Corporate Account Manager, Accord Mortgages
Jason Wilde, National Sales Manager, Paragon Bank
Grant Hendry,  Director of Sales, Foundation Homeloans


10.30 - 11.15 AM

Mid-Morning Break. Tea, coffee, expo area and networking
45 Minutes


11.15 – 11.45 AM

Intergenerational home finance

Neil Wyatt, Sales & Marketing Director, Mortgage Brain
Tom Molloy, Intermediary Sales Manager, Mansfield
Sanjay Gadhia, National Sales Manager, Standard Life
Derek Adams, Key Relationship Manager, Skipton for Intermediaries


11.45 – 12.00 NOON

Attracting and servicing First Time Buyers

Ben Williams, Corporate Account Manager, Coventry for intermediaries


12.00  – 12.15 PM

‘The death of Buy to Let is greatly over- exaggerated.’ Discuss!

Alex Whitham, Regional Account Manager, Landbay 


12.15 – 1.15 PM

Lunch. Expo area and networking
1 hour


1.15 – 1.45 PM

Going green – is it just a response to legislation or real opportunity for our industry?

Heather Cara, Senior Manager, Lloyds Banking Group 
Colin Calder, Co Founder, RetroGreen
Luke Christodoulides, National Account Manager, NatWest


1.45 – 2.10PM

Fireside Chat with AMI

Robert  Sinclair, Chief Executive, Association of Mortgage Intermediaries        


2.10 – 2.30PM

Afternoon Tea courtesy of our event sponsor NatWest. Expo area and networking


2.30 – 3.00 PM

Human capital, diversity and recruitment matters for a busy mortgage advice firm

Robert  Sinclair, Chief Executive, Association of Mortgage Intermediaries
Pete Gwilliam, Owner, Vertus Search
Martin Reynolds, CEO, SimplyBiz Mortgages
Hiten Ganatra, Managing Director, Visionary Finance
Alexia Tsalkitzoglou, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Specialist, One Savings Bank